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Advantages of the translation bureau

What is missing elsewhere?
Why order from a translation bureau? Specifically from us?
We are oriented to long-term and productive cooperation

What is missing elsewhere?

  • An individual translator is more limited than a bureau in his/her range of languages and knowledge of different topics and likewise the feasible start time and his/her deadlines are conditioned by his/her workload and even health.
  • Traditionally all practitioners in the translation field call themselves bureau. But note that most European translation bureaus are actually small, less than five-people fellowships that have expanded just slightly over what an individual practitioner would do. Most of the large ones are built up as agencies, which means solely intermediating translations directly from the translator to the client. Sometimes, e.g. with a picky client they may have one translator inspecting the work of another, but the result will in no means be comparable to the standards that our editors can achieve thanks to their experience and thoroughness and the know-how they have at their disposal.

Why order from a translation bureau? Specifically from us?

  • The work quality of major translation bureaus is based on work process management that guarantees the timely completion of the work and meeting the client’s requirements. Compliance with ISO and the standard of translation services means exactly this organizational side of quality assurance. It is naturally observed also in our bureau, but compared to what is commonly accepted on the translation market, we set a far greater emphasis on another aspect of quality assurance — achieving the quality of content, i.e. correctness and comprehensibility
  • Translation bureaus offer their employees auxiliary tools to support their work with the text. Our bureau can afford to offer more than those who rely on home workers and computer network communication. We have editors working on-the-spot at our office. Our selection of aid materials is certainly larger than any individual worker might have at home. Add to this the possibility of consulting each other and sharing experience and the result of this synergy and efficacy is a better, quicker and possibly even cheaper final product.
  • Translation bureaus check the translators work, so the client doesn’t have to. But our bureau goes even further: we examine every translator’s work not only when starting cooperation, but keep it up and collect feedback on the stability of translation quality as well as the suitability of language combinations and topics.
  • Translation bureaus can usually pick the most suitable translator for a particular work from their pool of translators. The main criterion is obviously the translator’s command of the languages. We consider as crucial that our translators have education and work experience in a required field.
  • Translation bureaus can put together a necessary team for a large project as well and find a substitute translator, if necessary. Our bureau has a procedure for managing large translation projects with an aim to guarantee the timeliness and unity of the translation.

We are oriented to long-term and productive cooperation

  • With urgent works, we do our best to meet the client’s time limit; however, we refrain from offering unrealistic promises. Together we find the suitable solution.
  • We appreciate the client’s feedback very much. When there are changes to our final texts, we always ask to send us the altered terms or the corrected versions so that next time we could take into account the client’s vocabulary and expectations.
  • Our concern for your texts continues even after conclusion of any project. We aspire to achieve lasting cooperation through perfect translations.
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