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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
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The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
following professional associations:

The Technical Translation Centre is a translation bureau specialized in the professional translation of technical texts. As a specialized bureau, we offer exact translations of scientific and technical texts including texts on the economy. Only specialists can convey concealed meanings clearly, apprehending all the nuances in one language and expressing them in just the right way in another. We can do it!

What’s in a name? Our name carries with it many meanings. It alludes both to technology and techniques. It implies, truly, that we have both substantive knowledge and the right terms to translate that knowledge from the source text into the target language. Our work is marked by devotion to quality. We believe our technical expertise and linguistic talent coupled with a reasonable price and timely delivery of perfect texts explains why our clients are happy with our services and form lasting relationships with us for further projects in an ongoing collaboration.

Competence It’s that clear… But only to a specialist.

The Technical Translation Centre has the experience you need. Competence isn’t created overnight.

We have translated technical and economics texts, contracts, marketing and EU documents successfully for over 25 years. Our greatest proficiency has accumulated in the field of vehicles and heavy machinery, building, heating and ventilation, water supply and pumps, tools and workbenches, mechanical engineering, electronics, communications, information technology, electricity and chemistry. However, environmental protection, food industry, banking, bookkeeping, medicine and many other topics are not alien to us. Our network is large and growing. We can, when needed, form new specialty teams to meet new tasks.

Precision Science and engineering differ from other fields of knowledge by precision of concepts and expression.

Imprecise or ambiguous translation of a product’s manual or any other document may cause not only confusion but can also wreak financial damage or injuries. Badly translated texts may even harm the reputation of the business that sold the product. Therefore precision is the first goal of technical translations.

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It isn’t the only goal — we want your text to read well too! First, accuracy. Then, elegance.

To achieve technical precision in translation the text must be understood perfectly. That takes forethought. Even when the source text is awkwardly phrased the translated version should be smooth and clear as well as perfectly faithful. This is why we have specialist teams focused on particular topics.

Precision also means clarity and comprehensibility to the reader, conveying the message and not merely the literal translation of words. We want to give you clear and cogent writing: we avoid colloquial language and bureaucratic jargon filled with foreign words whenever possible. We deliver texts which are lucid, correct and flow well, using literary language that is pleasing to read. Our principle is to translate all information from the source text without omissions in a clear and readable way. That is possible, but takes concentration and thought. The texts we translate are usually dense and nuanced — every single word and all the implications are important.

Quality For people, wisdom is like the sun is for nature (Estonian proverb)

Our whole work process supports the guarantor of substantial quality — the editor. The editor’s job is not limited to checking spelling or even proofreading grammar. The idea is to check the translator’s work substantively by comparing the translation against the source text. Everything in the text must be translated, the idea correctly rendered, and correct terms must be used systematically throughout the text at all appropriate points.

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Our editors draw on training in our company, mutual consultation, and swiftly accumulating work experiences. The result is that our editors have broad knowledge from exploring different fields and from reading the works of various translators on a daily basis. That helps them to achieve ever higher skill levels. Our numerous supplementary materials and voluminous terminological computer database support our editors.

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