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A smart idea merits a worthy translation
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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
following professional associations:
The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
following professional associations:

Our clients:

  • Appreciate quality.
  • Know that to promote their business their products must be brought onto the market in a smooth, confident and competent manner. Presentation is a vital part of business not a mere formality. Products up to the mark need presentation up to the mark!
  • They know that it is vitally important that every business translation, whether a contract, sales conditions or an economic report must be accurate.
  • They appreciate good base material for compiling their advertising texts.

Let’s face facts. In the present-day business world with intense competition, sophisticated expression is extremely necessary but fairly exceptional. Product advertising requires easy differentiation of products and services. Without clear expression there are no sales. Texts composed in different enterprises differ as to the clarity of expression of thoughts.

The competent wording of your product manual or catalogue gives a positive impact on your possible client’s decision to buy.

There are several sales arguments but well written information is an essential prerequisite for delivery.

Many think that translation is simply the replacement of words in one language with those of another language. It is much more. For example, a person who doesn’t understand the source text’s meaning can’t translate it well. Translation is the ability to express the idea presented in one language in another language understandably and characteristically to the field. What may be deemed complicated by some, may not seem hard at all for an experienced specialist.

The same idea can be presented in many ways, but reaching the target depends greatly on the expression skills and field knowledge.

Can text improve in the course of translation? We answer: yes, we feel that we do it every day. We cannot add anything to the source text but we always make an effort to convey the meaning of the document precisely and understandably. But sometimes only the client — who knows the target of one’s advertisement and the right way to call the nuance of the product — can dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

We can provide a good foundation — but the best final result will be accomplished in cooperation with the client.

We help our clients win new international markets. Members of our team are specialists. They are both technically and linguistically qualified. They can both read and comprehend the full meaning of the specialized technical texts which they translate. They use appropriate terminology consistently to clearly express the precise meaning of the source text in the target language. A dictionary just gives a list of foreign language synonyms. Which to choose? We know. Linguistic talent, technical expertise, previous experience, and technical supports are why.

This is the truth behind our team-work and editing method. A method which gets you the best product in the timeliest fashion possible.

Technical Translation Centre 
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