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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
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The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
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Do the job right and get fairly paid.
(Estonian proverb)


The price reflects the amount and complexity of the work actually included in the provided service. You get what you pay for. If contrary claims are presented, someone else is promising the moon — and what will they deliver?

Quality work does not necessarily mean a high price when you work efficiently — as our specialized system does. We offer you a service of the highest quality and competitive prices that always include editing besides expert translation.


  • One price for every work wherever possible: even with really specialized texts we do not charge any additional fee.
Tip: ...

Pricing may differ significantly between companies. When an additional charge is added to a cheap base price — due to complexity, specificity, or terminology inspection — then their total price often exceeds our price. Yet, though you may pay more elsewhere you will likely not get an equally good result because the extra work is likely to be made by persons lacking the profound experience of checking the texts that our editors have. We aim to be the best and have the system to do that.

  • For frequent clients we offer discounts, when there is similarity to previously translated materials or repetitions within longer texts. This makes for a price advantage growing by every order made by our regular customers, i.e. you would only pay for new text and you would not have to worry about searching for the changed parts of texts to reduce translation costs. Repeat business is good for both of us. We hope you will increasingly see us like your partner.
Note: ...

Repetitions can be found already when beginning the work by analysing the text for previously translated sentences with our translation database.

  • Our aim is to give the client a text ready for use so one does not have to work further. Every hour you spend correcting someone else’s bad translation is an extra hidden cost added to the real one. You should avoid that with us.
  • We always make our offer on the basis of precise calculations and it will be binding: we do not announce halfway through that the text turned out to be longer. The price we agree too will not “suddenly” “unexpectedly” jump.
Tip: ...

It seems a common practice on the translation market that you are first given an estimated price which will later be adjusted, mostly upwards. The client should be careful when competing price offers differ to a large extent. That means the volume of the work has been misestimated or the standard of the service differs significantly.

  • For urgent translations we do charge extra. We recommend the customer not to ask for a rush job whenever possible. Although we do everything in our power to produce a translation with the same quality tight schedules increase the risk of error and at a marginally higher cost. Whenever possible, please schedule your translation in advance in the case of strict deadlines.
Technical Translation Centre 
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