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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
following professional associations:
The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
following professional associations:

Peculiarity of translating technical texts

Never before has such great emphasis been laid on conveying specialized information in writing in a professional way. The world around us is becoming more and more complex and specialized. Technology develops constantly and it is natural that the translator of technical texts must keep abreast of new trends and terminology.

How to satisfy these high requirements? We choose a translator who is a specialist in a field as close as possible to the text. Then, our editors with broader experience compare terms used by the translator with those found in our constantly updated dictionary. By analysing texts day by day and studying professional literature, we keep ourselves current on technology as well as the corresponding vocabulary. Based on this knowledge, we can offer new terms which fit into the system.

  • We have an overview of different fields’ vocabulary.
  • We take into account whether texts translated by us are used by specialists or common consumers. This is also a decisive consideration for our word choice.


Usually, the main purpose of technical texts (including translations thereof) is conveying factual information. The idea must be passed on fully and without distortion. That can be achieved only when one wants and knows how to think along with the content of the text. But this skill can only come with professional and life experience. The meaning of the text can be communicated to the common user simply and clearly only by the one who understands the topic and what is actually hidden behind those sometimes scarce, sometimes resonant words.

We think

  • about the specialist
  • about the worker
  • about the common user

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