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A smart idea merits a worthy translation
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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
following professional associations:
The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
following professional associations:
Specialization is the global watchword: let the salesman do the sales work and leave the translations to the professionals.


We offer top quality translations of speciality texts.

We are guided by a desire to contribute to our clients’ success — your success is ours, we know it, and it shows! We provide our clients with the highest quality translations of consumer texts, especially technical texts. Thus, Technical Translation Centre is unique among enterprises offering translation service for several reasons.

  • Quality. Our translation bureau was founded by people with engineering, science, and language backgrounds. We are characterized by the commitment to what we do. Quality means careful, thoughtful and well worded translations.
  • Professionalism. We are focused on technical fields. Our full-time editors include engineers as well as linguists and we choose the translator by the nature of the text.
  • Development. We work systematically to improve the translation’s quality by honing the skills of our employees and developing support systems.
  • Client orientation. We offer trustworthy service and flexibility. We tune ourselves to the client’s perspective and we endeavour to find the best solution.
  • Efficiency. In addition to improving the quality, we constantly upgrade our work process to decrease the client’s expenses and to economize the time for fulfilling the order.

Technical Translation Centre 
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