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The Technical Translation Centre
is the founding member of the
following professional associations:
The Technical Translation Centre
is the member of the
following professional associations:
We provide you with quality translations oriented specifically to your business that will let you make yourself better understood to your clients. An indispensable way to achieve that is concise and clear communication.

Translation is a crucial part of every enterprise’s business success

A company works hard to make a good product; documentation translated with equal care and attention is also needed for success — having repeat business and new clients. Hard competition is today’s reality.

Success comes not merely from making and selling a good product but also in support. Non-material values which accompany the product are increasingly marketed to gain competitive advantage. Documentation is an integral part of the product and the first thing the customer sees when trying to figure out how to use the new product. If the client does not understand its applications, your hard work will be lost. He or she will just not buy it.

As a rule, a manual of a quality product is well worded and clearly constructed. Regrettably, the compiler of the text is often a specialist whose principal work is not writing. Furthermore, the technical writer may be working in a foreign language; the document may be based on earlier materials every one of which uses different terms.

Even a weak original text can be improved significantly with a carefully performed translation and editing. We are ready for such challenges. Relying on our experience, we can grasp what the author of the text actually meant. We know that literal translation is not enough: the idea of every sentence and the text as a whole must be found. With this job, as often as not, the dictionary alone isn’t enough — our team of trained translators and excellent editors have the necessary experience to do the job right.

Danger! Look out! ...
Danger! Look out!

Small holes sinks big ships! If the translation is not exact or appropriate, all your work may go waste.

  • A seemingly minute imprecision in the translation of mounting and users’ manual may result in a work accident.
  • An advertisement may lose all its influence if it uses culturally unsuitable expressions.

Can every translator do all the work with the help of a technical dictionary? No. Language is often ambiguous. Just knowing the words doesn’t help if the context remains incomprehensible. A dictionary presents us a number of equivalents — but which of them shall we choose? What will you do when the specific term is not found in any dictionary? This is where the professional’s experience is decisive in getting the good outcome for you..

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